Top Five Ways You Can Support a Cancer Patient

Cancer patients need support across a variety of spectrums—medical, financial and emotional, among others. Loved ones who have a family member or friend battling cancer may often feel at a loss of how to meet all those needs, but there are some simple ways to make the fight against cancer a little easier.

1. Organize a community benefit: Cancer patients, even those who are insured, are often in need of financial assistance to help pay medical bills and other expenses. If you’re unsure how to plan a benefit, many restaurants, country clubs or other venues often employ event specialists and other planners who can assist with all the details, such as invitations, organizing raffles and ordering food and other supplies.

2. Partner with a local or national cancer organization: Another way for those considering how to hold a fundraiser for cancer patients is to seek a partnership with a cancer agency. Such organizations can offer insight and resources for organizing unique events to benefit individual patients, such as walk-a-thons, parties or donation drives.

3. Connect the patient with needed resources: Sometimes a cancer patient may not have the time or energy to invest in finding information that could help them in their journey. Explore programs that could meet the individual needs of your loved one, such as Life Credit’s Living Benefit Loans, which allow patients to borrow against their own life insurance.

4. Consider overlooked tasks: Treating cancer is an around-the-clock chore, which means daily chores may fall by the wayside. Help out the patient in your life by cooking meals, transporting kids to and from activities or even picking up the vacuum cleaner. These seemingly mundane tasks, on top of all that a cancer patient already has on his or her plate, can be overwhelming.

5. Do without being asked: One of the best ways to help a cancer patient is to anticipate their needs before they ask for help. It may be hard for some patients to seek assistance, so be proactive and figure out where they might need a helping hand and pitch in before they have to ask.

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