Giving Emotional Support to Cancer Patients

If a loved one or friend of yours was recently diagnosed with cancer, it’s important to give them the emotional support they need. Here’s how to help lessen their new burden, including finding financial assistance for cancer patients.

The Little Things Matter

When a friend or family member is first diagnosed with cancer, some people avoid them altogether for fear of disturbing them or not knowing what to say. However, the best thing you can do for them is making them feel as normal and loved as possible. Cancer can be a lonely disease, so be sure to invite the person to go out with you or just spend time with them. Whether it’s going out for lunch or seeing a movie, most cancer patients would love an excuse to get out and forget about their problems for a while.

Be a Good Listener

Furthermore, always be sure to listen to them with an open mind and closed mouth. They may want to talk to you about their chances of survival and what will happen if they don’t. Reassure them that you’ll honor their wishes and requests, whether it’s about their living will or giving their pet a good home. If you avoid these conversations because you’re hopeful they’ll survive, it could make it more difficult for them.

Ease Their Financial Worries

Finally, you can help them feel better by easing the financial burden of their treatment. Offer any financial assistance you can and politely ask their friends and relatives for help too. You can also raise funds with loans, benefits, or online fundraisers. Plus, there are lots of websites and resources online that also help provide financial assistance for cancer patients.

So, if a friend or loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, be sure to do all you can to make their treatment as easy as possible.

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