How to Qualify for Cancer Financial Help | Money for Cancer Patients | Life Credit

How To Qualify


1) Do you have at least $75,000 of life insurance coverage? 

2) Have you been diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness? 


3) Are you a senior over age 70 with a chronic disease?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may qualify for our Living Benefit Program.

How to Qualify for  Living Benefit Loan


$75,000 (or more) of life insurance coverage

Regardless of what type of life insurance policy you own, if you have at least $75,000 of coverage you may be eligible for our life insurance loan program. We specialize in providing financial aid for cancer patients and helping other seriously ill patients through our Living Benefit Loan program. Here are some of the types of life insurance policies that we accept:

– Term Life Insurance – Group Life Insurance – FEGLI (Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance) – Whole Life Insurance – Variable Life Insurance – Universal Life Insurance


Cancer diagnoses or Senior with chronic disease

We provide financial help for cancer patients and others who have been diagnosed with a serious illness. You may be eligible for a Living Benefit Loan. Some of the patients we work with include:

– Cancer Patients
– Seniors with Chronic Disease
– ALS Patients
– Alzheimer’s Patients
– Congestive Heart Failure Patients
– Stage IV Renal Failure Patients
– End-stage Liver Disease Patients

Uncertain about whether your life insurance policy is eligible, or whether your medical condition qualifies?

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