How Our Program Works

A Living Benefit Loan makes it possible for you to receive up to 50% of your life insurance policy’s death benefit today by borrowing against your life insurance. For example, if you have $200,000 of coverage, we can loan you up to $100,000 secured solely by your policy. You do not lose your life insurance and your beneficiaries remain the same. If you currently have at least $75,000 of coverage and have been diagnosed with cancer or another serious medical condition, you may qualify for a life insurance loan. If you have more questions about borrowing against life insurance policies, visit our FAQ page or contact us for a free consultation. 

No Personal Liability

Our loan is secured solely by your life insurance policy and you will never be asked to pledge additional collateral. Borrowing against your life insurance policy has never been easier and can provide you with the financial help you need.

No Loan Payments

Whether you are in need of financial assistance for a breast cancer patient or are personally suffering from another serious disease, you will never be required to make loan payments or incur any out-of-pocket expenses. Our goal is to help the patients who need it the most.


Policy Pays-off Loan

Your life insurance policy’s death benefit repays the loan and the remaining proceeds are paid to your beneficiaries. We can answer any questions you have about life insurance loans and explain how they work. You can also check out our post about borrowing against your life insurance policy.



Quick Turn-Around

Life insurance loans are approved within 3 days upon receipt of a complete application. Some of the types of policies that we accept for our Living Benefit Loan program include: term, group, universal, FEGLI, variable and whole life insurance.

No More Premiums

We will pay all of your life insurance policy’s future premium payments because we are dedicated to providing meaningful financial help for cancer patients and other patients facing a serious illness.

No Spending Restrictions

Whether you are looking to pay-off medical bills, consolidate debt or take your family on a dream vacation, you can use money from your life insurance loan to spend on whatever you want without restrictions.

No Credit Checks

You will never be declined due to poor credit, lack of income or previous bankruptcy. If you have been considering borrowing against your life insurance loan, one of our professional counselors can help guide you through the process


Free No-Obligation Consultation

Our professional consultants will help you through your loan application process. Applying for a Living Benefit Loan is free and you will never be under any obligation to accept our loan offer. If you have been thinking about borrowing money from life insurance, let’s talk about your options.


Still Have Questions?

We specialize in providing financial help for cancer patients as well as patients suffering from ALS, Alzheimer’s, Congestive Heart Failure, Stage IV Renal Failure and End-stage Liver Disease. If you still have questions about our Living Benefit Loan program, please visit our FAQ page for answers or give us a call to speak to a professional counselor.

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