Holistic Bio Spa

Since 2005, the doctors at Holistic Bio Spa have successfully treated all stages of diagnosed cancer — all without chemotherapy, radiation, or excisional surgery.

What types of cancer treatments are available?

Holistic Bio Spa offers natural, non-toxic, aggressive, and holistic alternative cancer treatments. All of these treatments are categorized as potentially curative and helper (or complementary) alternatives to traditional (or conventional) allopathic cancer treatments for patients with cancer stage I, II, III, or IIII.

How do their medical treatments work?

  1. Their medical team will conduct a consultation, medical history review, and extensive laboratory tests to tailor-build a cancer treatment protocol to match your individual needs.
  2. They will help map out your treatment itinerary including travel, lodging, meal plans, and extracurricular activities.

Their goal?

At Holistic Bio Spa, their goal is to help you or your loved one treat their cancer without the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation cancer therapies.

Please call 1-805-819-5911 or visit them at holisticbiospa.com to learn more.