Tips for Planning a Cancer Patient Fundraiser

If you have a friend or relative who was recently diagnosed with cancer, you can provide a boost of moral support and money by hosting a benefit. Here are our tips for how to plan a fundraiser for a cancer patient.

Plan Ahead

Gather a small group of loved ones to help plan the event weeks beforehand. Pick the location of where you will host the event, such as a local restaurant, person’s house, or other venue. You should also come up with a group activity for the benefit, such as bowling, a silent auction, potluck, or marathon.

Media Attention

Get the word out about the event to generate buzz. Many newspapers and community message boards have local event listings for free, and some media outlets may even be interested in covering the benefit for an upcoming story.

You can also utilize social media to let folks know. Create a private Facebook page and invite friends, family members, coworkers, and others to be part of it for the latest news about the benefit.

Get Donations

Contact local merchants for donations. You can ask a member of the planning committee who is comfortable with public speaking to do this task. Be sure to provide an outline as to why you are hosting the benefit, who it is for, how the business can help, and how it can help them, such as local publicity.

Follow Through

After the event is over, send thank you notes to all of the people and businesses that participated. Remember, it can take weeks or even months of hard work to organize a benefit, but remind yourself that it is for a good cause.

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