Tips for Couples Coping with Cancer

There are few greater challenges for couples coping with a recent cancer diagnosis than learning how to share the fear in a way that draws them closer, not apart. At Life Credit, our hearts go out to all of our families and individuals facing this difficult time together.

Promising to love one another in both sickness and in health is easy during the wedding vows. When cancer strikes and reality sets in, it can be difficult for couples to cope with the diagnosis. Cancer doesn’t just affect a person’s health; it can also devastate their home, relationships, career, and financial status. Here are some tips for couples coping with cancer.

Emotional Support

There is no handbook for supporting a partner with cancer. Each case is unique, and every cancer patient needs something different from their partner. But one of the best ways to be there for them is to simply listen. It is perfectly natural for both parties to feel scared, shocked, and a loss of control. Don’t be afraid to display your feelings to your partner, but be patient with them as they navigate their own emotions.

Practice active listening. This means concentrating on fully comprehending what your spouse is saying rather than thinking about your reply. Never assume what your partner is feeling or thinking or what they will say next. If a statement is unclear, ask them to reiterate it.

Join a Support Group

There are tons of support groups out there for cancer. Research local ones in your area and consider joining a group with your spouse. If they feel uncomfortable doing so, you may reach out to support groups that are for the loved ones of people that have cancer. It’s a good idea to vent your feelings to others who know what you are going through.

Practical Support

In addition to emotional and mental support, you can play a vital role in providing practical support both at home and in the doctor’s office. This includes helping your spouse keep track of their appointments and medication, fielding phone calls, helping them to their treatments, and shielding your spouse from intrusive but well-meaning friends and family members.

Life Credit is here when you need us the most. We provide life insurance loans for cancer patients, in addition to financial aid for treatments and care. To learn more about what we can do for your family, contact us today.


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