Technological Advancements Offer Resources for Cancer Patients

Technological advances are moving us forward every day — and are not only making our lives easier, but are even making us money.

The financial benefits of modern technology are vast: From reduced printing costs to streamlined communication, the benefits of technology are felt both in the personal and professional realms. And now, even financial resources for cancer patients are available with the advent of technology.

Technology in Motion

Cancer patients and those looking to lower their risk of the disease can benefit from the time-saving nature of technology.

For instance, a new approach to colon-cancer screening, called the PillCam Colon 2, provides all the benefits of a colonoscopy but without the frustrations. All patients have to do is swallow a small pill, which contains a scope that examines their gastrointestinal tract for any abnormalities. Instead of having to take a full day off work for the procedure — which could mean losing wages and paying a babysitter — all patients have to do is meet with a doctor for a few minutes to get the scope set up and then go about their normal routines.

Cutting corners time- and cost-wise, however, doesn’t mean health is compromised. Makers of PillCam Colon 2 advise that anyone who is seen to have an abnormality should receive a full colonoscopy within a day.

On the breast cancer front, computer software is increasingly being relied upon to do the work of analyzing and assessing cancer risk. For example, Houston Methodist researchers have programmed a computer to interpret mammograms, with a 99-percent accuracy rate. For a study involving 500 patients, the software was able to review all of their reports and make recommendations on cancer risk within just a few hours; the same task would have taken a team of two doctors more than 500 hours.

That shorter turnaround time could mean faster diagnoses and more time for physicians to dedicate to direct care — not to mention fewer billable hours for physicians, which could ultimately mean money back in the pockets of patients.

Financial resources for cancer patients exist in many forms, including in the work done here at LifeCredit, where we help ease the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis for patients and their families. As technology increasingly comes to the forefront of the fight against cancer, we look forward to all the benefits it will bring.


Life Credit Company

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