Get into the Giving Spirit and Support Cancer Research

The holiday season is upon us, and with it has come the shopping frenzy. Stores will be bustling and wallets will be getting lighter in the coming weeks, as shoppers spend time and money searching for the perfect presents for their loved ones.

But, it’s not only friends and family that some people will be gifting to this holiday season; it’s also a great time to support cancer research. According to Charity Navigator, nearly a third of all charitable giving in the United States occurs in December, with 12 percent of all online donations taking place in the last three days of the month. The post-Cyber Monday fundraising holiday “Giving Tuesday” has been growing exponentially in the last few years, with Americans increasingly recognizing the need for nonprofit giving.

There are countless charities that work on cancer prevention, research and treatment causes. Here are a few ways to support their work this holiday season.

Why Should I Give?         

According to Stand up to Cancer, there is a new cancer diagnosis in America every 30 seconds. That’s a sobering statistic that cancer nonprofits are hoping to reduce. But, research, outreach and other initiatives are costly and require public support.

Charity Navigator found that seven out of 10 charities spend at least 75 percent of their budgets on programs and services. The money that’s being brought in is largely going right to the people who most need it.

Apart from giving good will this season, supporting nonprofits can have personal benefits, too. For instance, most charity contributions are tax-deductible so, when you give, you can even get a bit back.

What Can I Give?

Making a monetary donation is the most common way to support a charitable cancer organization. Most agencies accept donations online, through the mail or over the phone, making donating quick and convenient.

However, cash donations aren’t the only way to do your part to fight the disease. For instance, Stand Up for Cancer offers supporters the tools and materials needed to stage creative fundraising events. Many organizations accept donations of clothing and other gently used items, to support clients and for resale fundraising. The American Cancer Society hosts events across the country and throughout the year, from galas to golf tournaments to marathons, that allow supporters to fundraise in their communities.

Even if money is short, the gift of time can be an important contribution.

Where Can I Give?

Do your research before you make your donation, as not all nonprofits spend their money wisely. According to a study in Consumer Reports, the Cancer Research Institute, based in New York, and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation in Connecticut are the highest-rated cancer nonprofits for public donations.

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This holiday season, put charity on your shopping lists and help take a stand against cancer.

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