St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: Cancer Advocates for 50 Years

Headquartered in Memphis, TN, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been providing treatments and research for children with cancer and other catastrophic ailments nationwide since 1962. Danny Thomas launched the nonprofit medical institution on the premise that “no child should die in the dawn of life.”

Over 50 Years of Dedication

Here at Life Credit, we want to not only supply loans for cancer patients, but also endless amounts of research and info to help you fight your condition and lead a full and happy life. That is why we highly recommend visiting the St. Jude website if you have a child in your life that was diagnosed with cancer.

For more than half a century, the dedicated professionals at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have been on an endless quest for the cure. They provide numerous clinical and research innovations, such as their Pediatric Cancer Genome Project, which has successfully pinpointed the genetic factors behind some of the most deadly pediatric cancers by comparing the genomes from cancerous and normal cells from more than 700 patients.

Endless Treatment Programs

St. Jude features a plethora of treatment programs for virtually every type of pediatric cancer including brain tumors, solid tumors, Leukemia and Lymphoma, bone marrow transplant and other types of diseases, such as Sickle Cell Disease and blood disorders.

Innovation and Intervention

Many discoveries at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have completely transformed how doctors treat kids with cancer and other deadly disease. Since it was established, the survival rate for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is the most predominant cancer in children, has increased from just 4 percent in 1962 to 94 percent today.

A Wealth of Information

St. Jude’s website boasts numerous resources for patients and families, as well as referring physicians. From the latest treatments and technology to advice on how to cope with a recent cancer diagnosis in your child, St. Jude is committed to helping patients fight for life.

Life Credit is on Your Side

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