Programs and Resources to Help with Cancer Related Expenses

Cancer is a costly condition, one that puts patients at significant risk for financial burden, and even bankruptcy. When patients are facing a serious medical threat, they need all of their attention focused on their health, not their finances, yet the unfortunate reality is that many patients’ are caught between the two. However, research has shown that when patients can alleviate some of their financial stress, it benefits both their physical and mental health—and sets them up for a greater chance of success on the path to recovery. That’s why free resources for cancer patients are so vital.

There are a number of areas where patients can access both information and financial assistance. Here are a few places that offer free resources for cancer patients:

Government Agencies

Patients may be eligible for financial-assistance programs through the federal government. Many such initiatives only apply to those from low-income households or over certain ages, but patients of all backgrounds should check eligibility requirements regardless. For instance, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services can provide vital free resources for cancer patients to help them close the financial gap that could make the difference in their health.

Cancer Nonprofits

One of the primary ways patients access both information about and funding for their care is through nonprofit organizations. The American Cancer Society is a nationally known agency with a range of programs to help patients pay for treatment. It also operates chapters throughout the country that provide local-level resources about everything from free transportation services to financial consultants.

Healthcare Agencies

Many organizations with a healthcare focus devote a segment of their work to free resources for cancer patients. The Partnership for Prescription Access, for example, educates patients about specific financial-assistance programs offered by drug-makers and other agencies.

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