Moving to Heal – How NIA is Helping Cancer Patients

Here at LifeCredit, we are dedicated to helping cancer patients cope with their recent diagnosis and imminent treatment options. While many patients choose to follow traditional methods of cancer management, such as chemo, others opt for more holistic approaches.

Discover Different Options for Cancer Patients

The Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia is offering free NIA classes at its Ridgeland location in September. Recent studies have shown that this fusion fitness practice helps folks deal with the side effects of radiation therapy. A report published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine conducted a 12-week study on 41 women diagnosed with stage one, two, or three breast cancer that underwent radiation treatment. Twenty-two of the patients participated in a NIA group, while the other 19 underwent usual care options. Those in the NIA group reported less fatigue, elevated aerobic capacity, and shoulder flexibility.

How Does It Work?

NIA enables students to enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing while increasing serenity and alleviating stress. The program can greatly help cancer patients who suffer from anxiety to cope with their diagnosis and find peace-of-mind, enabling them to spend an hour out of their thoughts and enjoying the movement of their bodies.

According to an article published in NewsWise, eighty percent of cancer patients receiving radiation experience fatigue. The gentle stretching and upper-body movements incorporated in the NIA program help to strengthen chest areas, allowing patients to experience a wider range of motion and increased energy.

LifeCredit is Here for You

Our dedicated team at LifeCredit goes above and beyond to provide endless resources to help cancer patients with financial assistance. As a socially conscious company, we recognize that cancer can put a huge burden on yourself as well as your loved ones. This is why we work tirelessly with capital markets and other financial institutions to deliver creative options to those who need it most.

If you’re ready to find a new way to navigate the murky waters of finance, contact one of our representatives today.

Life Credit Company

We are a licensed consumer lender that is dedicated to providing financial assistance for patients who are facing serious illness. With a Living Benefit Loan, from Life Credit Company, you can receive up to 50% of your life insurance policy’s death benefit today. Whether you need to catch up on medical bills, consolidate debt or take your family on a dream vacation, this is your money to spend without restrictions. If you have at least $75,000 of life insurance and have been diagnosed with cancer or other serious medical condition, you may qualify for a loan. Contact us today to speak with a professional counselor who is standing by to assist you.

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