How to Make Gift Baskets for Cancer Patients

Sometimes the best help for cancer patients is to say, I’m thinking of you. Our natural instinct to rush in and help can be great, but also sometimes overwhelming, especially when a lot of friends offer assistance all at once.

Gift baskets for cancer patients might sound odd – aren’t they for festive occasions? But it turns out that patients find certain things immensely useful, and many of them fit into a gift basket.

You can get baskets made by a company, like the gift sets offered by Choose Hope. Also check out Matt’s Chemo Bags for ideas from this very driven young man making the bags available across the country. Lip balm is popular, but so are other things that may be less obvious: a teddy bear, spa socks, and body lotion can all add a great feel to a sometimes tough situation.

Everyday Items can be Vital

Some things are so ordinary we wouldn’t dream of including them in a gift basket. Yet those very items can be the best. Hand sanitizer can protect people with a compromised immune system, making a thoughtful idea a crucial part of their tool kit. Gum can help fight dry mouth by promoting saliva. And a journal can be useful for everything from journaling to keeping track of medications and appointments.

Stepping Out

The great thing about a gift basket is you can include your own items to express your connection. Maybe a CD, or an audio book, photograph of the two of you or a favorite quote. What can you include that helps them feel connected to you?

Putting a gift basket together can be easier if you think beyond those traditional wicker hand baskets wrapped in some giant piece of cellophane that you almost certainly don’t have on hand. A tote bag with a little ribbon on it might not only be easier for you but handier for them.

Something that says “homemade” will look a little different and it’s a difference that could be well appreciated. Cancer can be a big and scary diagnosis. It’s important to remember that little things can translate into meaningful help and connection for cancer patients.

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