How the American Cancer Society Helps Patients

Navigating a cancer diagnosis is a very difficult challenge that unfortunately also carries a financial burden. Here at Life Credit, we strive to provide individuals and families with the best possible guidance for managing medical expenses as well as planning for the future and making good on lifelong travel or “experience” dreams. Along with financial assistance, we also offer recommendations on national and regional organizations that give patients access to a variety of other essential services.

Organizations That Help Cancer Patients

Over the years, we have been asked a lot of questions and have also received a lot of feedback regarding the emotional, physical, financial and legal benefits these organizations can provide. As you’d expect, the largest organizations have the most reach in terms of partnerships and support. However, when it comes to addressing very specific or unusual needs, some have more or less to offer.

The American Cancer Society

One of the organizations that we hear a lot about is the American Cancer Society. Hop on the website and you will see pages of information and links covering just about everything patients and their families or caregivers need to manage treatment and recovery. This includes its Health Insurance Assistance Service (HIAS), dedicated to help patients choose and get the most of out their health insurance coverage—all free of charge and accessible in both the real and virtual worlds.

While ACS won’t actually perform these services for you, they will direct you toward resources that can help. Patients will also find a lot of valuable information pertaining to prevention, therapy (and risk factors), quality of life and survivorship research.

When it comes to cancer “basics,” the ACS is one of the most thorough resources that we have come across. The glossary of cancer terms and breakdown of type can quickly put information into patients’ hands, quiet fears and shorten the distance between them and the most appropriate medical care—and ideally, recovery.

Ease the Financial Burden

Since Life Credit’s mission is to help ease the financial burden of cancer, we pay a lot of attention to what type of advice and support being given to patients. The American Cancer Society places equal importance on helping patients stay afloat of bills and reach for the best care possible—something our team applauds. The comprehensive outline of potential costs is very helpful for those at the beginning of the process as well as for establishing a long-term budget.

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Life Credit Company

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