How Can I Help a Cancer Patient’s Caregiver?

Caregiving comes in many forms: nurturing a child, aiding an elderly parent through his or her final years or serving as a valuable support system to someone grappling with a serious illness. While all types of caregiving come with both their own pressures and rewards, the latter is often the most unknown and least often talked about—yet it can carry with it some of the greatest challenges.

Cancer is among the many medical conditions that often necessitate a caregiver stepping in to help—with countless medical appointments, treatments, side effects and an overall major disruption to one’s routine, cancer patients often need all the help they can get. But, caregivers do as well. If you have someone in this role in your life and have wondered, “how can I help a cancer patient’s caregiver?” then this is the best time to ask that question. November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time when those who provided this valuable service are given just a fraction of the recognition they deserve. Apart from thanking the caregivers in your life, this is a good opportunity to also give them a bit more—as resources, knowledge, and support can be a lifesaving help for those who do so much to help others.

3 ways to give back to a cancer patient’s caregiver

  1. Introduce them to support groups: The American Cancer Society operates a comprehensive database of support groups for cancer caregivers. Connect them to these valuable resources so they can meet others with similar experiences.
  2. Research respite and adult care: Though many don’t realize it, cancer caregivers can and should take a break. Caring for someone who’s critically ill can be physically, mentally and emotionally taxing, so it’s vital for caregivers to remove themselves from the situation at times and recharge. Introduce them to local respite and adult-care programs, which can step in to give them some relief.
  3. Help monetarily: According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, nearly half of working caregivers say the expenses related to their caregiving duties have depleted most or all of their savings. Lend a helping hand with a gift card, groceries or another gesture that would help relieve the financial stress.

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