Hairstyles for Chemo Patients

Patients who have cancer need all of the help that they can get. Not only can cancer symptoms have a huge impact on day-to-day life, the financial burden of medical treatments can add more stress to an already difficult situation. Even with health insurance, many patients may still need to pay out-of-pocket for treatments.

Not only can financial issues cause anxiety, so can physical changes that result from undergoing chemotherapy. Many cancer patients will lose their hair, and have a drastic drop in self-esteem. Here are a couple of ways to cut your hair in preparation for radiation treatment to look fashionable.

Loose Ponytails or Braids

After your first chemo treatment, you many lose chunks of hair or experience hair thinning. To avoid less stress on your scalp, gently pull your hair up into a loose ponytail or braid. Use a light conditioner or hairspray to keep the tendrils in place.

Pixie Cut

Prepare yourself for treatment by playing around with short haircut options. A sleek pixie cut works well with almost any face type and can help you put your best fashion foot forward. Try a symmetrical cut, leaving your hair longer in the front so that you can experiment with different style options.


Have you ever wanted to be a blonde but never wished to dye your hair? Purchase a variety of long and short wigs in different colors to see which style works best for you. With the latest technology, wigs look more authentic now than ever before. They can also be styled, combed, and curled for a more natural feel.

Our staff at LifeCredit is dedicated to helping relieve the stress of paying for cancer treatment options. We offer a plethora of different grants and loans to give you the peace-of-mind when you need it the most. Instead of ruminating over an empty bank account, allow us to help ease the burden so that you can concentrate on fun things – like your new haircut.

Life Credit Company

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