A Different Kind of Cancer Innovation: Part II of Organizing Medical Bills

When someone mentions innovation in cancer, almost everyone thinks, “cure,” or “treatment.” But there are many other innovations that have to do with cancer’s impact, from innovations in care giving to financial help for cancer patients such as loans against life insurance policies. Here’s one area you’ll probably agree is ripe for innovation: organizing your medical bills.

Are You Cut Out for Managing Medical Bills?

In our previous post we looked at ways to get organized. But let’s cut to the chase: are you personally cut out for this? Do you teeter between scolding yourself for not being more organized, on the one hand, and on the other just wishing you could get that medical bill monkey off your back? Do you find yourself wishing you could focus on things that are more important, like living life to the fullest? Maybe you’ve decided that a central lesson of cancer is that, once and for all, you’re going to become the most organized person on the planet. If that works for you—great.

But we think that those of us saddled with these bills shouldn’t beat ourselves up for failing to be an expert in medical bill management. (This includes reviewing, tracking, contesting and paying huge numbers of bills.) Sure, you’ve probably heard a gazillion solutions from friends and relatives: make lists, use online tools, keep a calendar, etc., etc., etc. The stack of suggestions might be overwhelming.

A Solution For You

Here’s an idea. One big reaction to a cancer diagnosis for a loved one is a reflexive desire to help. Yet many people just can’t do the care giving involved either because they don’t have time or aren’t nearby. They want to help, but they can’t find a role that makes sense. Some of those people are incredibly well organized and detail oriented. Maybe you have a relative or friend who’s so fastidious that they drive you a little crazy.

You can see where this is going: that meticulous characteristic is precisely the help cancer patients need to manage their bills. And, if they are compulsively organized, they’ll likely love to lend a hand. You get bills managed; they get a sense of competence and contribution. Everyone wins.

This is one simple solution for financial help for cancer patients. People don’t see organizing medical bills as care giving—but you could have the chance to be on the frontier of changing that. And that’s innovation at its finest.

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