5 Common Types of Cancer Treatment

Exploring the many different types of cancer treatment that are available may seem overwhelming to many patients. Each patient’s individual diagnosis and prognosis should dictate the course of treatment, as no two cancers are exactly alike and need unique approaches to ensure the optimal chance for success. There are pros and cons to all of the treatments, such as recovery time and side effects, which patients should review with their team of oncologists to determine which treatment may be best. No matter the course that is decided, patients should also explore options for financial assistance, such as Life Credit’s Living Benefit Loan program, through which they can borrow against their life insurance to pay for lifesaving care. Determining the best course of action can be challenging, but paying for it shouldn’t be.

So review these top five most common types of cancer treatment and then make a plan to get back on the path to health:

This option is most often used for cancers that have not spread and are localized. Skilled surgeons will remove the tumor in either open or minimally invasive surgery. The patient may be cleared following surgery or could need additional treatments.

Some patients will utilize radiation therapy to attack and kill cancer cells. This is a more prolonged treatment than surgery but is often very effective. Depending on their case, patients may undergo external beam radiation therapy in which a machine directs the radiation into the body, or internal radiation, in which the person ingests a pill or liquid form of radiation.

This is one of the most known treatments because of its common side effects, such as nausea or hair loss; however, it can be very successful. Chemo uses a combination of drugs that can be administered a number of ways to shrink and kill cancer cells.

Some patients may opt for complementary therapies, in which a number of approaches are used on top of the more traditional treatments. Nutritional changes, exercise, acupuncture, and even yoga are all common types of cancer treatment designed to reduce the side effects of other therapies and promote health.

Clinical Trials:
Patients may want to consider enrolling in clinical trials to try new drugs or therapies that are still being developed. Though such trials, like all other types of cancer treatment, carry no guarantee for success, they are an alternative to more traditional treatments, especially important for patients who have already tried other methods.

No matter which combination of the types of cancer treatment your team decides is best, paying for it shouldn’t limit your options. Contact us today to find out more about our program.

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