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After a cancer diagnosis, a patient may be wracked by worries — if he or she can beat the disease, what impact treatment will have on the family or even how to prepare for the worst. On top of all of that emotional stress, another practical worry may make the situation even more trying: money.

Financial concerns plague all Americans, but can be especially worrisome for cancer patients. Bills for treatments and medications, co-pays for office visits and even expenses such as wigs and specialized diet foods can make a scary situation all the worse.

Thankfully, an important resource for cancer patients exists in Breast Cancer Freebies.

The website was created by Bethany Kandel, a breast-cancer survivor who herself struggled with the financial strain caused by a cancer diagnosis. Kandel, a former reporter for USA Today and the New York Daily News, writes on the site that she fortunately benefited from several cost-saving opportunities after her diagnosis, such as a free wig from the American Cancer Society.

To pay it forward, Kandel decided to use her journalistic background to scour the Internet for the best deals and freebies for others facing a cancer diagnosis. She compiled her findings on the website, creating a comprehensive clearinghouse and resource for cancer patients.

The offers are wide-ranging, including everything from products to services to scholarships.

Among the items, the site includes information on accessories like wigs and other head gear, such as handcrafted scarves; medical-related products like prosthetics and compression sleeves for arm-swelling; and cancer-specific publications that can be delivered to your home free of charge. Services highlighted include makeovers, yoga and wellness classes, transportation to medical appointments and retreats for cancer patients. The site also details academic scholarships for cancer patients or survivors, as well as for family members or caretakers; information on support groups; and groups that provide financial assistance for cancer patients.

Diversity is key with the resources. Some freebies are up for grabs across the nation, while others are designed for people living in certain locations. Information is offered for parents and for youth, and there is even a section entitled “Special Interest Groups,” which includes resources for people of different demographics. While the site is geared toward breast cancer, it includes many resources for people dealing with other types of cancer diagnoses.

Importantly, throughout the site, Kandel encourages visitors to give back to the organizations that are committed to helping cancer patients.

“Cancer is an expensive illness,” she writes. “Thankfully, there are generous people and organizations whose mission it is to make the journey a little easier and take the burden off your wallet.”

That’s a spirit that Life Credit — itself a resource for cancer patients, with our loans and financial assistance for people facing the disease — can get behind.

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Life Credit Company

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