Life Credit Living Benefit Loan Reviews

Our customer testimonials prove that you are not alone in this fight.



“Janie was allowed to cross things off her bucket list that would not have been possible Life Credit”

When Janie found out she was terminal, we were devastated. She had so many things that were unfinished in her life, and we were unable to financially accomplish them in the time we knew she had left. We searched for answers and then found Life Credit. You were patient, courteous and helpful, and I felt you genuinely cared about our dilemma. We reviewed the documents you sent us and signed them. I read those papers several times and saw everything was explained in great detail. She received the money in just a couple of days and we set her off on her cruise, followed by multiple trips to see family and Janie was allowed to cross things off her bucket list that would not have been possible without you and Life Credit. Sadly, the Lord brought her home in a little over a year after that. The family and I are still dealing with this but you and your company have not added to that pain. You did exactly what you said you would do in a timely manner. You were always available to answer any questions we had and communicated with me on every step. Thank you Life Credit. It is refreshing in this day and age to find a company such as yours. I heartily endorse your company to anyone needing your services. Thanks and God Bless

James G.


“I received the money I needed within 2 weeks time”

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer; you can imagine how my family and I were very devastated. After radiation and chemotherapy, on April 17, 2014 I had a bone marrow transplant. I feel much better, but I do have neuropathy (Nerve damage in my legs and one of my hands) this is a one of the side effects of chemo. The result of all of the tests and treatments in my home town and at a special hospital in Utah, we accumulated a tremendous amount of bills. I did get help from some cancer institutions, but they only paid for the chemo medications, however I had a great quantity of lab and radiology and biopsies done and the charges were overwhelming. We were so stressed, we maxed all of our credit cards, sold all my gold jewelry that my husband gave me over the 56 years of marriage, this was very sad for me. I kept thinking if I could find a company that will consolidate our bills and help us. I decided to check in the internet and I found Life Credit Company which helped immediately, they were very professional and caring from start to finish, on the phone and thru emails. I received the money i needed within 2 weeks time. We had no idea that companies like this existed, we are so grateful and thankful, they took a heavy burden out of our lives and now we are stress free. I hope my testimonial will help people like me, leaving with cancer to get help thru Life Credit Company; they are definitely a trusted place to do business with. Sincerely, Enriqueta


“Taking the loan out… has allowed me to live my life with less stress.”

The diagnosis of cancer is tremendously hard, even more so when it is a terminal one. It is not only hard on you as the individual with the disease but also for your loved ones. It is also not just hard on you physically. Although it is extremely hard physically. It is also the mental side that can be even more devastating. The changes to your lifestyle due to the illness from just physical weaknesses, to the mental depression to financial changes because of a loss of income. It all weighs down upon you. The cost of a cancer diagnosis is also huge. Not only do your expenses go up due to the therapies needed your income goes down due to the inability to work. There is also no end in sight sometimes and the last thing you want to be is even more of a burden to your family. I am a fighter, I was not letting a terminal diagnosis stop me from living and stop me from not trying to defeat the illness. However, that being said I still suffered from the financial and mental stresses of having the illness. If you were anything like me, I bought life insurance thinking that I would never need it. Perhaps I would die in a car wreck or plane crash but even that thought was far from my mind. You never expect to get a cancer diagnosis at 38. However, the financial burden of the disease was a big stress for me. It hampered my ability to treat my illness and depressed me. I was skeptical at first when contacting the Life Credit Company. However, I was relieved to find that they were very understanding and that the process was not very difficult. I for one am glad that I took that step. Taking the loan out on my life insurance has allowed me to live my life with less stress and allowed me to do the therapies that I need without becoming financially encumbered or a burden to my family. I would recommend this company to anyone. It is hard enough already on us, this loan took one stress away. Which was a big one.

John M.

I want to thank ’Life Credit Company’ for being there while my ex-husbands insurance company that held the policy was making him jump through hoops. The insurance company had made some major mistakes that myself or my ex-husband would have never known about until it was too late. As everybody knows with an illness, you usually cannot work and the bills just keep piling up and you go through what savings you thought was enough, NOT enough. The funds came through fast as could be with Brendan staying with us every step of the way and calling us and staying on top of everything daily. Brendan always has a smile in his voice and was so patient and professional with us. I myself have a policy too and will most definitely use ‘Life Credit Company’ if needed in the future… We cannot thank ‘Life Credit Company’ enough for ‘they’ saved our home and our family of dogs by keeping a roof over our head. Thank you, Jerry & Terri M.

Jerry & Terri M.

“I was fortunate to find Life Credit Company”

My wife had just been given the prognosis of “three to six months to live.” Cancer had drained our finances and was about to claim another victim. The passing of a spouse is never a good thing. It is fraught with the full range of emotions and every possible stress. Standard viatical settlements were inadequate and left me feeling like I was being screwed during a time of weakness. My search led me to investigate lending instead and I was fortunate to find Life Credit Company. Brendan Francis held my hand during the loan process, making it as smooth and easy as possible. In addition, I was left feeling that I got a very fair deal. The money allowed me to forgo work and care for my wife until her passing.

Curtis G.

“Don’t hesitate to call them up”

I normally do not write testimonials, but when I find a company that does exactly what it says it will, I have to brag on them.  Life Credit is one of those exceptionally wonderful companies.  My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV Prostate cancer metastasized into his lymph nodes and pelvic bones.  Money got tight real fast.  Aggressive translates to ”expensive”, even with health insurance.  We were praying for nothing short of a miracle.  I knew in my heart that I’d have to let bills go if it came between paying them and helping my husband get the best treatment possible.  Life Credit was there for us – they were OUR miracle.  They loaned us $70,000 against his life insurance policy.  We’d actually talked to another company before finding Life Credit, but opted out of their “offer”.  Life Credit offered more than we’d hoped for and we are so thankful!  I loved the connection with the people there.  The communication was above and beyond what I imagined.  They have made this journey my husband and I are on go a little smoother with less worry about finances so we can focus on him.  Life Credit is a pleasure to work with and one day, I hope to meet these wonderful folks face to face.   If you are facing a terminal illness, don’t hesitate to call them up.    One grateful wife.  Ellen M.

Ellen M.

“I would recommend Life Credit Company to anyone”

I want to pass along the positive experience I’ve had with Life Credit company.Like many people in these tough economic times I was faced with financial hardship. I own my own business and I help support my parents financially, but it became increasingly difficult for me to help pay the premium on a life insurance policy for my father as well as help with other medical expenses.I was reluctant on approaching Life Credit company at first, but after getting turned down by banks and other lending institutions I decided to approach them. From the first time I made contact they were very professional and answered all my questions clearly and concisely. The whole process of receiving the loan went very smoothly. Although Life Credit’s interest rates are higher than traditional lending institutions, the piece of mind it has given me to know they are making the premium payments on the insurance policy I couldn’t afford to pay into anymore far outweighs this. I would recommend Life Credit company to anyone who finds themselves in the same or similar situation as I was.

Michael G.

“Finding Life Credit… was a blessing.”

I just wanted to drop a line to thank [Life Credit] for all the EXCELLENT work you have done… I have to tell you that finding Life Credit LLC on the internet was a blessing…I really had no idea there were companies out there that can actually lend you money and let you use your life insurance as collateral. What an excellent idea. My friend is suffering from brain cancer stage 4 and needed to be treated immediately, it was really a matter of life or death. Unfortunately without the financial resources it was difficult to move forward and make decisions to give her the right treatment. Thank God that is exactly where you (Life Credit LLC) came to the rescue. We were able to obtain enough money from YOU using our life insurance policy as collateral to pay for the treatment. Your loan approval process was so FAST that I thought it was too good to be true… your customer service and professionalism were OUTSTANDING, I really have no words to describe how GREAT you guys were… you exceeded my expectations and treated me with great respect since the first day I began to have a conversation with you. I really want to THANK YOU for helping me save my friend’s life after her prognosis was 12 to 18 months. Right now she is in remission and enjoying her life AGAIN thanks to Credit Life LLC… Thank You. Rony R.

Rony R.

I cannot say enough about Life Credit Company.  I was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and obviously my out of pocket medical bills were thru the roof. When I heard about LIfe Credit Company – it seemed like my prayers were answered.  I did not want to leave my medical debt into my familys’ hands, however, it seemed like I just did not know what I was going to do until Life Credit Company came into my life.  David and Brendan were not only professional but they also became my friends.  Most phone conversations were conducted thru my tears. I was struggling financially when I should have been trying to stay stress free for my health. With the two of them basically handling everything for me – the loan process was rather quick and easy and not to mention stress free.  With obtaining a loan thru Life Credit Company – I have been able to pay off my debt and focus strictly now on my health.  My tears have dried up and I can get back on with my life – for whatever time it is that is left of it. I cannot put into words what Life Credit Company has done for me. I can only say that if anyone out there is in my situation, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call David or Brendan. They will take you step by step into the process of helping you. People in our situation should not have to worry and stress out over bills. They should focus on getting better without all the bill collectors calling over and over every day to where you do not even want to answer your telephone. Life Credit company can relieve you from financial hardships and put you back on a road that one should be on having cancer. I can now live each day without worry and I can live each day with a smile on my face – one never knows when it could be there last day. Thank you David and Brendan – you will never know just how much you truly mean to me.

Dana C.

This letter is written to thank you and your team at Life Credit LLC for expediting and coordinating our transaction in a professional and courteous manner. I searched the internet and found your website; I had some concerns dealing with a company unknown to me. After some due diligence, I proceeded “cautiously” forward. One of the most determining factors was that you did not require any application fee. As we continued our conversations, I became more “comfortable” in dealing with you and Life Credit LLC. You answered all of my questions without hesitation and you delivered exactly what you promised. You did not overpromise and you did not underperform. The funds were wire transferred into my account 24 hours before the date that you informed me that you had expected. With complete satisfaction, I do not regret my decision to do business with you. You have my permission to share this letter with whom ever you wish. With respect, Maury Z.

Maury Z.

We want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all of your help in a very difficult matter for us. Your understanding and attention helped to speed us through the process and curb whatever concerns we had. Thank you again for your attention to detail and your assistance throughout the process. Very truly, Adrienne and Keith B.

Adrienne and Keith B.

As the owner of a successful business I never expected that cancer would take such a huge financial toll on me. As my ability to work diminished, so did my profits and soon I found myself having to tap into savings just to stay afloat. Just as things were about to go from bad to worse, I came across Life Credit Company online. While skeptical at first, I soon realized that I was dealing with a credible company that would keep to their word. Within a few short weeks I received a $350,000 Living Benefit loan secured by my life insurance policy. Thanks to Craig and everyone at Life Credit Company I can finally devote myself entirely to overcoming my disease and I will forever be grateful.

John H.

I found life credit to be very helpful and easy to deal with.

Martha T.

My fight with cancer has taken an emotional and financial toll on me and my family. Through a Living Benefit Loan, I received $132,000 when I needed it most.

Brian H.

I don’t know where to start, Life Credit has done such a great job for me. You were all so patient and worked so hard on my loan. From the moment I started with Life Credit till the end I received nothing but the best service. Thank you for handling everything with professionalism and grace. Great experience! Thank you.

Tamara N.

Life Credit came at the perfect time. Being diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer was difficult and having to worry about my health, finances, job security and paying my bills was overwhelming. Life Credit offered me a blessing in the form of borrowing from my life insurance. Now I don’t have to worry about my finances. I can just focus on my health and spending time with my family. The process was very easy and the staff was awesome! They helped me through the entire application process from beginning to end!!I will be forever grateful to Life Credit! Laurie B.


I just want to Thank you and Life Credit Company for my second loan. When I first came across your web site I could not believe it so I had to call. And I’m glad I did! You all make the process so simple and easy. You have made my life so much more stress free and I’m able to concentrate on my chemotherapy and my health. And getting better. I have no financial struggles nor worries.

Looking back to when I was first diagnosed with Lung Cancer in February 2011  I searched and Google “Financial assistance for Cancer Patients”. Nothing was found. There was a few for Breast Cancer patients. I wish they had options like what your company offers. Even at the Cancer Center I started at Arizona Oncology in Flagstaff, Az. I inquired but nothing was available. With all the bills coming in and other bills that had to be paid for. I had to continue working. It was a hard time for me and my family.

In July 2015 my insurance partnered with Cancer Treatment Center of America in Good Year, Az. So, I started my treatments there and I am currently a patient with Dr. Sangal and his team. This facility is so amazing and can’t say enough about them. I always look forward to going. CTCA does offer a discount at the hotel they book me at, discount on meals at the facility,reimbursement on my mileage and you can apply for financial assistance for $250.00 a month if you’re eligible. Which is more than I could ask for. But there still is the gas, food and other bills at home I need to pay. Since dealing with cancer for 5 years I know the financial struggles year after year.
For other cancer patients for the first time I would want them to know about Life Credit Company. I only wish I knew sooner. But your company has got me through my financial hardships.

Thank you, Thank you sooo much and grateful for you, Brendan, David and everyone there at Life Credit Company! God Bless you all!


Cheryl F.

I would highly recommend Life Credit Company. The staff is helpful and professional and they were able to help me get the funds necessary to help with medical costs and improve my quality of life.

Erica T.

Life Credit Company shed light on a dark situation.  Fighting late stage cancer, I wanted to have fun family experiences.   There was no money to pay for those experiences.   Life Credit Company worked with me to understand the loan process and my family is now having the time of our life.  I would recommend this program to everyone.

Fannie M.

I want to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your kind generosity regarding the loan on my term life insurance policies. The service your company provided was truly a “God Send.” By loaning on my life insurance policies you gave me peace of mind and the opportunity to live out my life in luxury, rather than die in poverty. I can never thank you enough. I must add the professionalism in working with me as a client was outstanding. It is my hope that this letter leads to many others, like myself, to receive the much needed financial support your service provided to me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and soul! God bless all you who you love and all who love you.

Joseph Q.

I don’t usually do testimonials but I welcome this opportunity.   I want to thank you all for the opportunity to work with you.  Your product and service is desperately needed and the manner in which you conduct business is exemplary.  I do not hesitate to recommend Life Credit to people I come into contact with.  I have found that your professionalism and humanitarianism is unsurpassed.  Please keep doing what you are doing … the way you do it …. as I would not hesitate to return to you should a future need arise.

Again, I thank you for your help, patience, understanding and mostly … your friendship.

Cindy P.

I cannot put into words how this company has helped me through a very difficult time. Mr. Francis, Mr. Curiel and Mr. Stack were all instrumental in assisting me through this process. My situation was a little different and they were able to make a way to help me. Even though I have terminal cancer, they have been a life saver. This could have been a very stressful process, however; they all made me feel comfortable from the start by answer all of my questions and helping me to understand everything before I signed anything. They were truly a blessing and I HIGHLY recommend them. Bless them and the company.

Ms. T

During a very difficult time, Life Credit Company helped us quickly and easily secure funds we needed to cover ever-increasing medical charges. From start to finish, the employees we dealt with at Life Credit Company, especially Craig and Brendan, were compassionate, professional, and efficient. They explained the process clearly and thoroughly, and there were no surprises. I hope we never experience again the circumstances that resulted in our contacting Life Credit Company. But if we do, I know we will be able to count on Life Credit Company to assist us. – John C.

John C.

No matter how well we planed our life no one is ever prepared enough to deal with the devastating effects of life threatening illness. The emotional and financial rollercoaster that comes with it can feel overwhelming. We are very grateful for the option available to us through Life Credit. It has helped us alleviate our financial problems and focus in raising my wife’s quality of life to another level, that is something we can’t put a price on. To the folks at Life Credit… Thank you.

Roberto and Maria R.