Success Stories: How Viatical Settlements Provide Financial Help For Cancer Patients

John’s Story

Discover how John received a $200,000 viatical settlement secured by his $900,000 term policy. Relieving him of financial stress and restoring his ability to effectively fight his disease.

The diagnosis of cancer is tremendously hard, even more so when it is a terminal one. It is not only hard on you as the individual with the disease but also for your loved ones. It is also not just hard on you physically. Although it is extremely hard physically. It is also the mental side that can be even more devastating. The changes to your lifestyle due to the illness from just physical weaknesses, to the mental depression to financial changes because of a loss of income. It all weighs down upon you. The cost of a cancer diagnosis is also huge. Not only do your expenses go up due to the therapies needed your income goes down due to the inability to work. There is also no end in sight sometimes and the last thing you want to be is even more of a burden to your family. I am a fighter, I was not letting a terminal diagnosis stop me from living and stop me from not trying to defeat the illness. However, that being said I still suffered from the financial and mental stresses of having the illness. If you were anything like me, I bought life insurance thinking that I would never need it. Perhaps I would die in a car wreck or plane crash but even that thought was far from my mind. You never expect to get a cancer diagnosis at 38. However, the financial burden of the disease was a big stress for me. It hampered my ability to treat my illness and depressed me. I was skeptical at first when contacting the Life Credit Company. However, I was relieved to find that they were very understanding and that the process was not very difficult. I for one am glad that I took that step. Taking the loan out on my life insurance has allowed me to live my life with less stress and allowed me to do the therapies that I need without becoming financially encumbered or a burden to my family. I would recommend this company to anyone. It is hard enough already on us, this loan took one stress away. Which was a big one.

John M