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Legacy Shield – Prep, Builder, and Shield Programs

Life Credit Company (LCC) has partnered with LegacyShield, providing you with all the tools you need to protect your loved ones and ensure they can access your legacy.


Introducing Shield, Prep & Builder


A complete legacy is one that protects your family’s future, shares key memories and life lessons, and allows others to make the important decisions when you are unable. However, most people do not have a reliable plan in place to facilitate this.

Additionally, many people fail to create the necessary documents that take care of their physical assets or take the steps to preserve their less-tangible ones. They also fail to provide the necessary authority to loved ones to make key financial and medical decisions.

This creates chaos, unexpected costs, and headaches for those left behind.

LegacyShield’s Prep, Builder, and Shield solutions help you prevent all these dangers without spending a fortune.

LegacyShield is a complete legacy and estate platform that provides the ability to safely and securely create, store, and share all of your most important information today, tomorrow and anytime you aren’t able.

The LegacyShield platform helps you to:

  • Quickly and affordably build a comprehensive legacy,
  • Easily create and manage all the key documents you need,
  • Store everything securely in one place to protect your family, and
  • Ensure all the right information gets to the right people at the right time.
Peace of mind – with just a few minutes of planning

Prep and Builder help you quickly create and manage your most important documents: those that build your legacy, protect your estate, and enable legal authority for decision-making.

Both are priceless tools that you can use to prepare or update essential documents, store them (and all your other information) in one secure place, and control access privileges.

Prep or Builder?

Prep provides instant, easy-to-use documents for creating your estate planning essentials such as the following:

  • A living trust
  • Deed
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Advance healthcare directive
  • Last will & testament

Builder provides instant access to over 75 easy-to-use documents for creating important estate planning, business, real estate, and other legal documents such as the following:

  • Everything included in Prep, plus:
  • Business lease and shareholder documentation (e.g., lease agreements, articles of incorporation, shareholder agreements, etc.)
  • Real estate documents – such as lease agreements & eviction notices
  • Documents for family matters (e.g., pre-nups, separation agreement forms, divorce settlement agreements)

With both Prep and Builder, you simply log in to our secure servers, create your document online, save it, and provide access privileges to nominated individuals.

Both versions come with the standard Shield features that allow you to:

  • Store other important documents like birth certificates, insurance policies, etc.;
  • Store passwords for key online and offline accounts;
  • Create and communicate your final wishes; and
  • Create and store your life story and memories you want to pass on.
  • This ensures all the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

This ensures all the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Who’s it for?

Prep is ideal if you need to quickly and easily create documents relating to your estate information.

Builder is ideal if you need to quickly and easily create legal, business, and real estate documents in addition to estate plan documentation.

Summary Of Features
Feature Shield Prep Builder
Instant & unlimited access for 1 year
Unlimited storage space
Military-grade security
Access to Vault, Life Admin, My Life Story & My Wishes
Customizable documents
Family matters such as pre-nups, separation agreement forms, divorce settlement agreements
Legal document such as pre-nup, separation agreement, and medical consent forms
Business matters such as arbitration agreement, hold harmless agreement, general partnership agreement, etc.
Real estate document templates such as lease agreements, eviction notices, etc.
Free for 12 months of access $49.95* $349.95* $449.95*
Buy Buy Buy

*NOTE: This is a special price including a $50 discount for Life Credit Company customers. You pay the full amount up front for the first year’s access and then have the option to continue at a low monthly rate of $12.95 per month or downgrade to Shield for $4.95 a month if you do not want to create more documents.